Need help choosing the right curtains?

When choosing your curtains, it’s important to understand the function and theme for the room.  For example, a room for enjoying your favorite movies that is located in a direction that gets a lot of light may require a blackout curtain to block off the light and probably heat in Malaysia.  Also, dark colors that do not give off a lot of reflective distraction should be avoided. 

What type of room is it?  The window treatment needs to commensurate with the function of the room and therefore is a deciding factor.

Style and Theme
The preferred style and theme for the home will also dictate the design and overall feel of the type of window treatment, materials and colors used.

To help you choose your curtains tick the following answers as you embark on this project:

  • Do you need privacy for the room? Yes  No
  • Would you prefer Strong or Light colors?  Strong   Light
  • What type of window treatment would you like?  Curtains/Blinds/Shades
  • Would you prefer simple care or you do not mind giving extra care and attention to your window treatment?
  • Patterns or just plain design on your curtains?  Plain   Patterns
  • If patterns, do you prefer modern contemporary/country floral?
  • Short or long window treatments for the window?

Tips and Hints

Tip #1
Generally, short curtains use less material and are cheaper to make than long ones.  Standard length of short curtains are five feet or 60”.  For extra elegance or if nothing is obstructing the length, most look better at 66 - 70”.

Tip# 2
Get coordinated by using leftovers (or just purchase one metre) of your curtain materials to make cushion covers, table runners or napkins.

Tip #3
Matching colors and prints to existing theme is easier if you work with the fixed items first, such as sofa, cupboards, wallpapers and paint.

For rooms with smaller windows, a single track with double layer stitched together may achieve a look of a double layer curtain.

Hint #2
You can save more by using sheer materials as day and night curtains (If privacy is not an issue).  Different colors and textures may give a lighter feel.

Not sure what color to give your child?  Girl’s rooms are normally pink or purple with white furniture.  Boy’s rooms are normally blue themed.  You can throw in fun designs or prints.

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